• Madeleine Meets Akif

    Madeleine’s new cousin Akif Nelson Sahin was born on March 26 around 4:00 am. He is so adorable and looks so much like both his mom and dad at the same time! Madeleine finally met him for the first time today, March 28, and wasn’t sure what to think. She mostly ignored him unless he was crying but she did take a moment to pat his little soft head:

    Maddy petting Akif

    It’s amazing to us how small Akif is and we can’t believe that Madeleine was even smaller than him just 6 short months ago. In six months she has gone from this, Maddy dressed to go home (36 hours old, getting ready to go home from the hospital) to this, cheeks

    We decided she should stop growing so quickly and stay how she is right now! But it has been so much fun to see her at each stage: starting to look around, holding her head up, becoming more aware of the world, grabbing at things, noticing her hands and feet, learning to eat, etc. We look forward to what month 6 will bring and to watching Akif as he journeys through each of these milestones in the future.

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