• Playground Visit

    Maddy made her first visit to a playground on March 22. It was a beautiful (but windy) spring day and we walked to the playground at Monument Valley Park. First she tried out swinging in a baby swing and she wasn’t sure about it at first: not sure what to think
    but after a few swings she seemed to like it better:
    Maddy swinging

    After the swings she took a shot at going down a slide with DaddyMaddy about to go on her first slide
    but we’re not sure she even noticed what was happening.

    Perhaps even more exciting is what she did when we got home:

    She started singing in her bed! This is a common occurrence these days. She likes to sing in her bed when we lay her down for a nap or when she wakes up from one. Our favorite sound in the whole world! Akif hasn’t made his debut yet, but we’ll have an update soon.

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