• 5 Months

    The biggest development this month is that Maddy is now sitting up in a highchair! She loves to sit up at the table with us while we eat instead of playing on the floor next to us. She even gets in on the conversation now: looking at both of us while we talk to each other and chattering away to herself. You can see how proud she is to be sitting up in a chair like a big girl: Madeleine in her new high chair

    We also took a funny video of her chewing on this highchair toy that she got for Christmas. She thinks it’s pretty cool that she doesn’t have to hold onto this toy; she can just lean over and gnaw on it.

    In other news, Madeleine took her first trip to a museum this month, the Denver Art Museum to be precise. Here she is being swept away with her Dad and standing in front of the museum with Grandma, Mom and Dad:
    Ben and Maddy at the DAM

    Ben, Katie, Cindy, and Maddy at the DAM

    The next post will probably be pictures of Maddy meeting her new cousin, Akif, as my sister is due to have him next week! Until then, we will be making the most of the beautiful Spring weather here in Colorado. Madeleine loves going on walks in her stroller and has started to enjoy watching the birds that show up on our bird feeder.

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