• Madeleine the “Illustrationer”

    Maddy loves to draw, color, paint or do any kind of artwork. She always asks me who illustrated the picture books we read to her and has recently started telling us that she is going to be an “Illustrationer” when she grows up! Looks like she inherited Ben’s talent and love of art. Here are a few of her most recent creations with the descriptions she gave us for them:

    A Cow

    A Cat


    An Octopus - This craft was completely her idea. The only part I helped her with was cutting out the circle for the body


  • First Day of “School”

    We started Madeleine in a sort of  pre-preschool program last week and she will be going for 3 hours every monday morning. She loved going to school and especially enjoyed playing in the indoor gym with balls and hula hoops and storytime! The program is really more about playing than learning, but we’re hoping it will help prepare her for preschool in the fall and it gives me a little time to rest during these last months of pregnancy. It was the first time I had to pack her a lunch and that made it feel like she was going off to real school! But we’re very glad that she had so much fun and is making some new friends.

  • First Trip to the Dentist

    Madeleine went for her first trip to the dentist last week and we were so proud of how well she did! I had been dreading the visit, not knowing how she would react to having her mouth poked and prodded, but she just marched into the dentist chair and didn’t complain once! She didn’t have any cavities or problems, but they did say she needs to stop sucking her thumb (no surprise there). Otherwise her teeth are great and she loved the prize bag they gave her at the end, complete with a Cinderella electric toothbrush.

    Ready for X-rays

    Listening to the hygienist

    Showing off her shiny smile!

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